Since 2012, Facing Facts offers a wide variety of learning opportunities on the topic of hate crime and hate speech for various stakeholders, building upon CEJI’s decades’ long training experience and knowledge of both international and national experts.

We offer general and custom-made trainings, both online and offline for a variety of target groups including CSOs, law enforcement, IGOs staff, ombudspersons, public authorities, decision makers, individual activists and anyone else interesting in gaining a deeper knowledge of hate crime and hate speech.

Civil society, activists and individuals

Our online courses on hate crime, hate speech and bias indicators are available upon registration, see the login area on the right hand-side. Some of the courses are only open for specific time periods, as we provide continuous guidance and online tutoring with them. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, as well as subscribe to our newsletter to hear about course openings.

Public authorities and law enforcement agencies

We offer both ready-made online courses and, upon request, specifically tailored courses to the needs of an organization. Facing Facts is proud to have delivered custom-made online training on hate crime to INGOs and on hate speech to the European Journalism Center. Find more information and testimonies from our tailor-made courses here, or email the Facing Facts Director Melissa Sonnino to request an offer.

Our most recent courses

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