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    Since 2015, Facing Facts Online has offered online courses on hate crime and hate speech. Our programmes draw on the latest research and policy developments on hate crime and hate speech and our tutors have extensive experience in the area and are qualified in online learning design and facilitation. We offer a mix of online learning options, including self-paced courses, cohort-based learning and customised courses and programmes. Our aim is to deliver learning that equips learners with the knowledge and tools to effectively and appropriately respond to hate crime and hate speech in their context whether public authority, civil society, national or international.  

    Self-paced courses

    This means that courses and materials can be accessed and completed anytime without the support of tutors. Our courses on anti-Muslim, anti-Black, anti-LGBT, anti-migrant, anti-Roma, antisemitic and disability hate crime are self-paced courses.

    Cohort-based learning

    Cohort based learning includes courses that are designed to follow a syllabus and that are completed by a group of learners at the same time. They provide strong opportunities for peer learning and networking. Our cohort-courses are usually delivered across 4-6 weeks and include regular interaction through tutorials, discussion forums and group work.  Learners earn a certificate upon course completion that can be shared on social media, such as LinkedIn. We run at least one cohort on hate crime or hate speech per year and they are very positively evaluated by our students. These courses are also CPD-accredited. To find out when the next course starts, contact us or check our website for course announcements. Make sure you follow us on LinkedInInstagram and Facebook, as well as subscribe to our newsletter to hear about new course openings.

    Customised courses

    Customised courses are designed in partnership with institutions and organisations. We have delivered  customised courses on identifying, recording and investigating hate crime  for four national police forces. We have also delivered several bespoke courses for national OSCE Field Missions to support their hate crime monitoring and response activities. Other clients include a national Ombuds Office, European Commission staff and lawyers, researchers and activists in India. If you want to learn more about what we can offer, please email melissa.sonnino@ceji.org

    We are continuously developing our courses based on our learners’ feedback. So far, we have presented courses in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Hungarian and Polish and are looking forward to future collaboration with our members and partners. Most of our training materials and methods are accessible to users with disabilities and we are constantly working to improve in this area. Facing Facts Online is coordinated by CEJI - A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.

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